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Jul 16, 2010 9:00am EDT
miles outside of washington, d.c. it is in the maryland area. three miles deep. 5:04 this morning. i heard it. it was loud. it started out and then crescendoed. died down pretty quickly after seven seconds or so. woke up our little girl saying i thought it was thunder and went back to sleep. my wife and i were up for good at that point. >> tom, i'll bring in somebody that knows something about earthquakes. george lewis, 3.6. are you laughing at us? come on, george. >> costello, you are a wimp. we sleep through 3.6 earthquakes. we have them all the time out here. call me when you got a 6. >> let me ask you this. there's a geologist here. you have covered a hundred of these. there was a geologist on the radio saying a 3.6 on the east coast, you feel it more than the west coast. have you heard that before? >> well, no. actually. depends on the ground conditions where you are. you can be -- you can be on kind of soft, shifting soil and you get that jell-o effect. if that's the kind of soil your house lies on, you might have felt it greater. we have an epidemic of hot air. you have quakes
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1